Business & Corporate Law

We offer a full range of business and corporate legal services. Whether you are a small business aspiring to get started or an established corporation acquiring new assets, our highly skilled attorneys provide tailored services to satisfy your needs. In the past we have represented a wide range clientele from manufacturing services to technology businesses to individual entrepreneurs. Each sector is unique and requires different skill sets and knowledge, the following is a short list of just some of the services we provide.

Our business lawyers have extensive experience in handling business formations, mergers and acquisitions, financing and real estate transactions, environmental law, intellectual property registrations, licensing and enforcement, employment matters and general corporate matters. If your needs are not listed, be assured that one of our attorneys will be able to assist you.

Corporate and Business Formation
Our attorneys will direct you to the appropriate business structure for your needs, such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, c-corporations, and s-corporations. Our attorneys will prepare the articles of incorporations, partnership agreements, financing documents relative to business start-ups, and other appropriate documents for your business. We can also assist you with decisions relating to stock ownership, bylaws, partnership agreements, business contracts, employment contracts, franchise agreements, and other such matters.

Existing Businesses
Our attorneys can draft employee non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, stockholder agreements, voting trusts, redemption documents, cross-purchase documents, insurance funded buy-outs, employee handbooks, buy-sell agreements, valuation and sales of businesses, and business closing documents appropriate for your business.

Our attorneys can assist your business with various financing options, including SBA loans, equity financing, land development, land acquisition, asset-based financing, real property leasing, credit lines, lessor financing, loan closings, lease documents, and title works, among other options

Attorneys at Roach, Ioannidis & Megaloudis have extensive experience with business and corporation sales, acquisitions, merges, and allocation. Our attorneys will negotiate and advise your business on all important contracts and documents associated with these complex transactions.

International Business Transactions
Our attorneys have represented multinational corporate clients on international business transactions and regulatory compliance matters, particularly in corporate, trade and customs, and intellectual property matters.

Due Diligence
Our attorneys have extensive due diligence experience in matters in the United States and abroad. Our attorneys have performed investigations on behalf of foreign national authorities, large financial institutions, and others collecting and obtaining evidence, securing expert opinions, conducting asset searches, investigating corporate compliance, and licensing matters.

Trademarks, Copyrights and Intellectual Protection
Protecting intellectual property is a growing and complicated field of law. If your rights have been infringed upon, our attorneys will work with you to protect the rights of your business.